"A people who does not help and does not favor his theater, if he is not dead, is dying ". - Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca

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 The Dyn Dan project aims to create a state-of-the-art permanent centre in both architectural and landscape terms and from the point of view of improving people's quality of life.

This space-located in Chianocco (to) in the heart of the Susa Valley-will be the realization of the principles on which the A.S.D. NAD is founded which could be synthesized in: learn to inhabit the body to learn to inhabit the world. 

Let's imagine this place as a center of aggregation, research and lifelong learning that can be fertile ground in the present and become, at the same time, incubator of new ideas and visions for the future. 

The Association NAD born to Dance, born in 1998 and constituted in 2009, as a permanent centre of voluntary and Democratic associative life, works for cultural, recreational and solidarity purposes for the fulfilment of collective interests Aimed at the knowledge of dance and of the corporeal practices related to it (yoga, martial arts, singing, music, theatre...) and for the development of an individual and social body and ecological awareness. 

Dyn stands for dance, Yoga and nature; The main areas of research that characterize the activity of the association; Instead, DAN is a natural anthropological dimension, the cultural sphere within which one wants to act. Dan dyn can call up a bell ringing and the idea of hospitality that we can find inside a cozy home, or even a sound that invites you to stay awake with respect to the human dimension that should characterize us. Dan is also the word that, in Japanese, identifies the different levels of skill acquired in martial arts, to remind us of strength and determination, to carry on this important project.

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